Saturday, January 26, 2013

Winter Vineyard Scarf

Winter Vineyard Scarf is a F*R*E*E knitting pattern. You can find this pattern here

 It is a pretty fast project to complete, as it uses Aran weight or worsted weight yarn, and size 8 US needles.  The design is easy to learn and memorize, and before long you will have a soft and cozy scarf to keep your neck warm during the last days of winter....I hope these are the LAST days of winter !!

I love the colours of the vineyard, deep red-purple of the fruit, the depths and textures of the green vines and leaves.  The warmth of the sun and the aroma of the growing earth encourage us to ponder the wonder of nature and what is so freely offered to us.

It has been a very cold winter in the Northwest United States.  Boise has been under several inches of snowy ice for weeks, which is very unusual.  Today it began to rain, and it seems almost tropical.  The huge lethal looking icicles are drip-drip-dripping onto the pavement, disappearing as the afternoon sun begins to penetrate the chilly air.

We look forward to the coming Spring, as we snuggle in for another few weeks of chill.  Happy knitting, everyone !  As always, Teddy has to show his interest in all things wooly...

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