Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sagitta - the arrow

  Sagitta, the Latin word for arrow, is a constellation located within our Milky Way galaxy.  Not to be confused with Sagittarius (aka "the  archer") which is a much larger constellation, and is located in a different part of the galaxy.  Sagitta was identified by the 2nd century astronomer Ptolemy, and can be seen from every location on Earth except Antarctica.  

Various arrow motifs appear within the shawl's fabric. Yarn Over lace patterns form the arrow motifs and large beads emphasize the arrow points.  The designs in the center are set off by garter stitch edges.  This design becomes a long rectangle shawl, or stole, and can be easily made wider by adding repeats of the central motifs.  Wrap this shawl about your shoulders as you go star-gazing for Sagitta, the "arrow."
Pattern available here or in my Ravelry store  (Kenilworth Design Studio)
It gets done.....
                                                                 with a little help from my friends...

Friday, April 5, 2013

It's Spring, come Explore the Galaxy with me

Spring blooms and a new knitting pattern - finally.  The winter was too cold, lasted too long, and became downright discouraging.  But the promise of spring prevails, and here we are.

When I look upon on my garden, I know it is Spring - tulips, daffodils, hyacinths and the courageous bleeding heart are all seeking the warmth of Spring sunshine.

I was keeping plenty busy during the cold wintry months, keeping track of too many designs and which project was demanding attention, and where did I put all the size 6 needles ?  Oh, they are all inside projects, of course.....Something needs to be completed so the needles can be set free....for a little while anyway.

As I "hinted" last month (oh dear, it has been that long) there were several new patterns in the works, all of which are to be included in three new e-books.  These e-books are collections of patterns designed around various themes, as most pattern e-books are.  

Here is the first pattern - Moon Glow Scarf, which is the initial pattern in the Exploring the Galaxy e-book.  I had a single skein of Alchemy's Silken Straw, in a pale shade which can only be described as "moonlight" and it lent itself beautifully to this light and airy scarf.

The ebook will be priced at $28 (USD) which will be a considerable savings over buying all six patterns separately, though you may do that as well.  Moon Glow is priced individually at $6.00, and can be purchased in my Ravelry store Kenilworth Designs

Any light weight fingering yarn will do fine for this pattern if you are looking for something special, about 300-400 yards will make a lovely scarf.  (Mine is shorter as I only had one skein of the Silken Straw)