Saturday, February 16, 2013

An Afterthought Valentine - Sweet Hearts Shawl

Yes, yes...I know it is after Valentine's Day.  Maybe that is a clue that I really don't enjoy V-Day, if truth be known.  However, I did have fun making this little bit of beaded pink delight, hearts and all.  It is very feminine and dainty, and will add a bit of "pretty" to whatever you are wearing.  The Regia sock yarn I used makes the knitted fabric very soft and drapey, so it sort of "flutters" as you move....very alluring !

The pattern is a F*R*E*E* one...yippee !!  You can visit my store on Ravelry
to download your pattern.

The ends of the shawl can overlap in front, in a Victorian fashion, so use a lovely shawl pin or delicate brooch to hold the fronts closed.  The pretty pin I used in the photo was a gift from my Dad, when I was about 15.  He always remembered Valentine's Day and gave lovely things to my Mother and to me.  Those are sweet memories.  The pin just seemed to fit this purpose, perfectly.  Papa would like that.

As always, Happy Knitting, and do share your projects with me.  I enjoy seeing other knitters' versions of my patterns.

If you have followed my previous design posts, or seen my work on Ravelry, you will soon realize that I love adding beads to my knitting.
Adding beads to knitting does take a bit more time, and can be rather fiddly to get all those tiny glass beads to cooperate - especially when my favourite darling (cat) is helping !

Teddy just wants to know what is going on, and if he is missing anything important.  

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Harriet's Ruby Solitaire

Lady Peter Wimsey, (aka the former Miss Harriet Vane) was given a magnificent ruby solitaire as an engagement ring by Lord Peter, when she finally consented to his ever-patient proposal.  It was early fall, 1934, in Oxford, England, and after solving the mysterious and quite scandalous goings-on at Shrewsbury College, Harriet and Lord Peter reconciled their differences and acknowledged their deep affection for each other. (Gaudy Night, by Dorothy L Sayers, pub 1936.)

This brilliant red shawl is sprinkled with ruby-red beads in each of the lace medallions, as they drift across the width of the shawl, and in the border edging.  While Harriet was not one to wear frilly lace or glittery baubles, she would appreciate the elegance of such a shawl, as she cherished her ruby solitaire and her beloved Lord Peter.

I used one of my favourite yarns for this shawl - Sirdar Baby Bamboo, which is a DK weight, a blend of bamboo and wool.  Washable (by hand), soft fabric, intense color, and nicely drapey.  What more could a knitter ask ?

This pattern is available in my Ravelry store for $8.00 (US)

Back to knitting - I have two more to finish this month !
Happy knitting, everyone...

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

February - Snow, with chance of green shoots

What a long winter, so much snow, fog, intense cold, and inversions that clog up both the air and your breathing.  We usually don't have snow and ice remaining thick on the ground for over a month, here in Treasure Valley, Idaho.  Snow falls, then the sun shines and it melts away....usually.  This year the snow came, and it stuck around, then it froze, and snowed some more.

The skiiers are thrilled...commuters, not so much !

 Yesterday, I spotted several tiny green daffodil shoots peeking out of the cold, chilly ground.  They seemed to be testing the air for signs of warmth or encouragement.

   Each year my bulb garden seems to be more beautiful, with its floral array of yellow, red, deep blue-purple and brilliant green folliage.  What a lovely gift from Nature !

As this really is a knitting pattern site (also) I should be describing the latest creation off the needles instead of discussing the weather.  However, due to an unexpected blessing of a three-week temp job, knitting and designing took a back seat.  Don't despair....there will be three lovely patterns to tempt your knitting genie, before the end of the month.

Hints:  One is about Rubies, one is about Sweet Hearts, and one is about a "jubillee of cherries".....

Stay tuned...I'll return in a little while...