Saturday, February 16, 2013

An Afterthought Valentine - Sweet Hearts Shawl

Yes, yes...I know it is after Valentine's Day.  Maybe that is a clue that I really don't enjoy V-Day, if truth be known.  However, I did have fun making this little bit of beaded pink delight, hearts and all.  It is very feminine and dainty, and will add a bit of "pretty" to whatever you are wearing.  The Regia sock yarn I used makes the knitted fabric very soft and drapey, so it sort of "flutters" as you move....very alluring !

The pattern is a F*R*E*E* one...yippee !!  You can visit my store on Ravelry
to download your pattern.

The ends of the shawl can overlap in front, in a Victorian fashion, so use a lovely shawl pin or delicate brooch to hold the fronts closed.  The pretty pin I used in the photo was a gift from my Dad, when I was about 15.  He always remembered Valentine's Day and gave lovely things to my Mother and to me.  Those are sweet memories.  The pin just seemed to fit this purpose, perfectly.  Papa would like that.

As always, Happy Knitting, and do share your projects with me.  I enjoy seeing other knitters' versions of my patterns.

If you have followed my previous design posts, or seen my work on Ravelry, you will soon realize that I love adding beads to my knitting.
Adding beads to knitting does take a bit more time, and can be rather fiddly to get all those tiny glass beads to cooperate - especially when my favourite darling (cat) is helping !

Teddy just wants to know what is going on, and if he is missing anything important.  

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