Friday, April 5, 2013

It's Spring, come Explore the Galaxy with me

Spring blooms and a new knitting pattern - finally.  The winter was too cold, lasted too long, and became downright discouraging.  But the promise of spring prevails, and here we are.

When I look upon on my garden, I know it is Spring - tulips, daffodils, hyacinths and the courageous bleeding heart are all seeking the warmth of Spring sunshine.

I was keeping plenty busy during the cold wintry months, keeping track of too many designs and which project was demanding attention, and where did I put all the size 6 needles ?  Oh, they are all inside projects, of course.....Something needs to be completed so the needles can be set free....for a little while anyway.

As I "hinted" last month (oh dear, it has been that long) there were several new patterns in the works, all of which are to be included in three new e-books.  These e-books are collections of patterns designed around various themes, as most pattern e-books are.  

Here is the first pattern - Moon Glow Scarf, which is the initial pattern in the Exploring the Galaxy e-book.  I had a single skein of Alchemy's Silken Straw, in a pale shade which can only be described as "moonlight" and it lent itself beautifully to this light and airy scarf.

The ebook will be priced at $28 (USD) which will be a considerable savings over buying all six patterns separately, though you may do that as well.  Moon Glow is priced individually at $6.00, and can be purchased in my Ravelry store Kenilworth Designs

Any light weight fingering yarn will do fine for this pattern if you are looking for something special, about 300-400 yards will make a lovely scarf.  (Mine is shorter as I only had one skein of the Silken Straw)

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