Saturday, March 2, 2013

In Camelot, it's Spring !

"...and Spring starts March the 2nd, on the Camelot !"   To paraphrase the jolly song from a much-loved story.  In Treasure Valley, Idaho, not so much...yet, there are hopeful signs.

 The bright yellow of the first crocus is a welcome contrast against the still tender ground.  Many brave tulips and daffs are checking out the possibility of sunshine.

Spring is teasing us, as she usually does in March.

She probably has some surprises in store for us, in the coming weeks, but there is a slight change in the air, and that is encouraging. 

The skiiers are still enjoying new powder on the ski hills at Bogus, and they have decided to stay open later....making many folks very happy.  There is nothing quite like spring skiing, with the brilliant sun and the fresh snow....well, that is a tale for another time.

Teddy is ready for Spring, exploring what's new, looking for any adventure...and helping Mommy in
 the garden, of course. 

Meanwhile I really have been busy designing - knitting, knitting and tearing out, and putting in.  Some fun things are coming in the next few weeks.

Here are a couple of "teasers" - Coming soon to a pair of needles near you !

Sagitta - a rectangle scarf/wrap. Lace-work and beads, of course, but using sport/DK weight yarn, so it moves quickly along.
Sagitta is a small constellation in our Milky Way Gallaxy.  It is also the Latin word for "arrow."  I thought arrows would make for interesting lace-work in a shawl.  We shall see where these arrows go, once they leave the bow.

The Emerald City of Seattle is the first pattern in a new collection - named for my much-loved Puget Sound area and the City of Seattle.  Patterns will be named for various locations or icons of the area, and will be available both as part of an e-book collection and individually. 

More details and ordering information, as well as pictures, pictures will be coming.  My intention is to get these two new patterns up and available early this month, so stay tuned.

'Til we chat again, have a lovely early Spring !

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