Sunday, May 19, 2013

Busy, Busy May

Somehow May has run away with itself, with Time as her attendant !  Wasn't last week mid-March ?   Oh well, it has been a pleasant Spring, and hopefully it will be a long one.

My lovely iris are blooming joyfully in the front garden, and there is even a yellow one which I didn't think had made it through the winter.  I am thinking about expanding the garden further into the front lawn, as the grass is not happy.  Water pressure is sporadic at best, so consistent watering is out. The Cremesicle orange iris is a new one, and hopefully it will become a multiple bloom next year. 
Queen of the Night, a very deep purple, is probably my favourite - such a deep, rich colour.

Speaking of deep, rich colour - I really am knitting madly, finishing the next pattern in the Galaxy Collection.  This one is called Solis, for the sun.  Tiny glass beads dancing around the center catch the light and give it sparkle.

I am using a lace weight merino yarn, which is very soft and lovely to knit with.  There is a bit of subtle variegation in the gold/yellow colour which adds to the depth.

The pattern should be ready by end of May.

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