Wednesday, July 17, 2013

HOT July - Summer in Idaho

So - it is HOT here in Boise, has been for several weeks...feels like years, but No, I must not complain about the heat.  I do better in hot weather than in cold, better than most folks do, fortunately, but this summer has been trying even my patience with the temps in the high 90's and 100's.  My garden is suffering, the kitties are suffering, everything seems to be melting.

Knitting has taken 2nd place of late, not only due to the heat, but due also to the fact that I have been very busy working.  I am a professional house organizer.  My business is called The Moving Diva...(long story there, how the name came about, but that is for another time.)  I love doing this sort of work, though my own house is, know the story of the cobbler's children - they had no shoes.  My house needs an organizer !  Especially my studio....knitting, quilting, weaving...and "stuff"...oh well, winter is coming, I'll do it then.

Not to say I have not been knitting however.  Stash yarn has caught my attention and has resulted in a couple of nice pieces.  A bulky weight cotton yarn has become a tee-top.  Some gorgeous non-wool blend in  my favourite colors of purple and dark green has become yet another EZ (Elizabeth Zimmerman for those not in "the know") Adult Surprise Jacket.  I am still addicted to this pattern, and this is, by right count, number 11.  What can I say, I keep finding yarn in my stash which begs to become an ASJ !

The finishing details are yet to come, but it is taking shape.  The yarn has been in my stash for many years, just waiting for me to find the perfect pattern (in truth, I had forgotten about it.)

Short post today, but as it has been a while, I was called to at least stay in touch. 

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