Friday, December 14, 2012

and now we weep...

We watch the television coverage and weep with grief and shock.  We speak to each other in half sentences, because everyone needs to say the same things.

We ask why, but there are no answers to satisfy us.  Evil is not rational, it has no "why."  Incomprehensible acts such as what took place today in Connecticut are beyond rational explanation, and they are happening too often in our country.  

Let us hold our families close and kiss our children.  Let us give thanks to God for his grace, and for precious life itself.  Let us not dwell on the evil and darkness which has today burst upon our Christmas world.  Let us be gentle with each other, and speak kindly to the broken hearted - for these are our children. They belong to all of us.

"Rest eternal grant to them, O Lord;
and let light perpetual shine upon them."  Book of Common Prayer

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