Sunday, December 30, 2012

Firebird Gloves & Cowl

The Firebird pattern is ready, at last.  With much "help" from Teddy-the-cat, pictures were finally uploaded and finishing touches were applied.

According to legend, the Firebird is a large bird similar to a peacock, with glowing eyes and majestic plumage which glows with red, orange, and yellow light.  A single feather from the Firebird can bring light to a large room. 

The pattern is available for $8.00 on Ravelry.  Just click here

For knitting, I used Jitterbug, a lovely fingering weight yarn from Colinette.  It is made in Wales, which I especially appreciate as I am half Welsh.  The reds and oranges in the yarn pool in quite a nice way, reminding me of the brilliant plumage colors of the legendary Firebird.

The cowl can be draped about the neck and shoulders or fasten it to the side with a small shawl pin or nice brooch.  I will put up a couple more pictures of it draped to the side and pinned.

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