Friday, December 21, 2012

Winter Solstice

We welcome the change of seasons once again with the first full day of winter.  The days are cold and the ground may be covered with snow,  while the anticipated Springtime gallery of flowers lies sleeping beneath the soft cover of whiteness. We wait...

Days will grow longer with more sunlight.  Though we may not notice the lengthening days for several weeks, we have hope in our hearts, knowing that spring will soon greet us once again.

Meanwhile - work continues in the knitting department at Kenilworth House.  I had hoped to have the pattern for the Firebird Gloves and Scarf up by today - hmmmm, you all know about "good intentions."  The gloves are finished.  Firebird Scarf....not so much. Something about beads, they don't always cooperate. They will, they will....

Here is a teaser with my "helper"  - Teddy.   Maybe he made off with the beads ?

The pattern really will be up....soon.  I promise !!

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