Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Nativity 2012

Following on the heels of the exuberance of Christmas, the day after always has a bit of a let-down feeling about it.  But 26 December has its own identity.

Feast of St Stephen - It is thought that in the early days of the Christian era boxes were placed in or near churches on the day after Christmas, where special offerings were collected for the poor to commemorate St Stephen, the first Christian martyr.

Boxing Day - In the United Kingdom, Boxing Day was traditionally a day off for household servants, so they could go visit their own families.  Often boxes of leftover food or gifts for the servants' families would be given to them to take along.  Now days, small gifts of cookies or money are often left for the folks who deliver the post, or the newspaper, or other delivery workers.

My own Christmas was filled with beautiful music, participation in a meaningful worship service, and time spent with dear friends, and always my special Nativity (by artist Jim Shore).  

May this Christmas Season bring peace to our world, and blessings to all.


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